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Some feed-back from participants!

Publié le 6 October 2009, mise à jour le 17 October 2013

  • “Very good pedagogical approach, very progressive. Very fine combination of academic course (scientific) and professional seminar (conviviality). 100% useful. A little bit speedy and compact at the end. I am waiting for the second level.”
  • “Truly excellent course, very glad I attended. I am sure it will be very useful in my future carrier in clinical research. It was for sure the most intense course I went to (days and nights).”
  • “Waiting for level 2!”
  • “The course is really useful, probably one of the best in the world. Should not be considered as basic (level 1) because it’s considered less interesting for PhD students who wouldn’t like to claim credits for it. Whereas this course is really even more advanced than some other courses.”
  • “An extremely well run and informative course, that worked really well with our small group size.”
  • “This course is what I really have been looking for some time. It’s very interesting because it is a very good combination of POP PK knowledge and useful tools (as R or NONMEM).”
  • “Intensive session... The commented exercises are very useful.”
  • “I am very glad with the course. I learned a lot.”
  • “Excellent cours qui insiste sur les bases du modèle, les hypothèses et leur vérification. Enseignants top niveau à la fois sur le plan scientifique et pédagogique. Quelques heures supplémentaires auraient été utiles mais pas faciles à caser dans cette semaine très dense.”
  • "Très pédagogique ++. Programme assez dense. I will recommend this formation!"
  • “This course was a good introduction to pop-PK for me. I think it was important to summarize all basis which was necessary to understand the following.”
  • “Overall I am very glad I attended this course. It was very well delivered an followed a logical progression.”
  • “In spite of the heterogeneity of the student background, the teachers tried successfully to explain the theoretical concepts necessary to interpret, diagnose and anticipate the estimation process. This is an achievement.”

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